Managing Azure Accounts with the Open Source Azure Boot Panel

Once you have extracted the Microsoft Azure API parameters, you can use the Azure boot panel to manage your account on and off, change IPs, etc. Using the Azure dashboard to manage Azure accounts can reduce the risk of Azure’s control over the accounts. This method is suitable for users who are not familiar with Azure official website, and also for users who have multiple Azure accounts to manage.

Project address:

Installing Docker
The application relies on a Docker environment, use the one-click footer to install Docker

curl -fsSL | bash -s docker --mirror Aliyun && systemctl start docker && systemctl enable docker

Creating an Application
Use the following script to create an application


USERNAME : defaultuser

PASSWORD : Thisis.yourpassword1


docker run -itd --name azure-manager -p 8888:8888 1injex/azure-manager

set your admin username and password:

docker exec -it azure-manager flask admin username password

visit http://yourip:8888 to manage your vm